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 Greetings from our Principal

Welcome to a different and exciting school year. A small adventure at Seljord Folkehøgskule - right in the heart of Telemark.

As a student you will be part of a stimulating environment where education, group projects, events, activities, tours and independent leisure time will make a wonderful experience.

Some think of a Folk High School as a year off, but it is not. Correctly enough, there are no exams to take, but you are going to learn a lot. And what you learn will help you to develop yourself as a person - more responsible, more inclusive, more caring and brave. We call it liberal learning or liberal education.  Our goal for you is to make you stronger through positive experiences interacting with other young people. Likely you will grow and make good choices for future life. 

It is important for us that our students become engaged in different projects. It might be physical activities for children in our local community or perhaps participating in voluntary work for our Nepal project. Or maybe it will be important for you to fight for sustainable development so that we can secure the future for coming generations. Nevertheless, our staff will challenge you and motivate you to take part in different engagements.

Seljord is perfectly located, surrounded by high mountains, breathtaking nature and the beautiful Lake Seljord at the bottom of the valley. Not to forget Selma, the legendary lake monster, which every summer appears shortly at the surface but not long enough to let us get a picture.

Our eight courses have great variety, both in activities and skills, so there should not be any struggle to find something interesting for everyone. Every class has their own trip abroad so there should be a lot to experience, like classical music concerts in Berlin, paragliding in Caribbean, Musical Theatre shows on Broadway in New York or mountaintrekking in Himalaya. 

So, what do you want for your next school year? One year at a Folk High School and you will probably get friends forever. You will experience a caring community and you will get the opportunities to develop your talents and challenge your limits. Are you ready for this? Then you are ready for Seljord Folkehøgskule. Welcome to us!

Godtfred Særsland,


Ensemble/Chamber music

Do you play a wind instrument, strings, accordion, guitar or piano? This class might be for you. We focus upon ensemble playing surrounded by the nice environment that is Seljord and Seljord folk high school. We play a wide variety of music: old and new compositions; from the Baroque area to contemporary music. We might also enjoy folk music from Ireland, Norway, Latin-America, the gypsy music from Balkan and jazz. Be involved in the process of deciding what music to play. You might also bring your own arrangements and compositions. 

Our ambition is to make you reach many goals during one year with us: to develop your instrumental skills together with others; experience the joy of playing together; musical communication; and participate in concerts and events, formal and informal. Music should be fun and challenging in many ways. We have time for both solo playing, duets and ensemble. 

In a varied and colorful environment we will focus upon interpretation, technical skills and other important musical factors. 

Musicians need to practice. We give you time and good rooms to work on your own. These rooms are open in the evening as well. 

During periods we will cooperate with the Singer/songwriter class an Music-live. On top of this we give you the opportunity to play with Telemark symphonic orchestra. 

We go on tour, play concerts for other Folk high schools.  In addition to playing music we give lessons in theory, hearing skills based on level. 

Useful info
Please write about your former experiences with your instrument, and please name your teacher. We would like to know if you have been playing in an orchestra/brassband/ensembles. You are free to send a demo (for instance by a link) if you want to. 

Study trip
We travel to Berlin. We visit music collages and go to top level  concerts. 

Main teacher
Teacher for Ensemble/Chamber music is Vidar Ytre-Arne. He is a musician, violinist, composer and have many years of experience as a music teacher. 

Contact:  Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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Viking - Denmark

The Viking course turned out to be a major hit, even before it started. Several news-media including the Norwegian main broadcaster NRK, have written about the course and made interviews. The viking culture was much more than just warriors raiding and plundering the rest of Europe....

Viking culture
Most were farmers, fishermen and craftsmen. We will be celebrating the crafts of the vikingage. We will dig deeper in to the period by trying to recreate some of the artefacts that the archeologists have found. Experimenting with archeology, and trying to make history come alive, many discoveries and experiences will bring us an insight to the life and culture of the Vikings. In the Viking course we will be working with different aspects of the viking age, primarily through our hands. By reconstructing archeological finds from the period, we will come closer to some parts of the life and culture of the vikings. Introduced to a variety of crafts such as blacksmithing, we will be making our own tools to do woodwork, leatherwork and textiles. Ending up with our own “Viking basic-kit” based on archeological artefacts. Walking in similar clothes and shoes as they did in the vikingage adds to the experience and the imagination.

A craftscourse
Since we are modern people, we need experience and imagination to get a little closer to the vikings and the rich culture they had. This is mainly a craftscourse where we will try to keep a red line through the period and make a little part of history come to life. It is not all crafts though, to make good things you also have to study hard at the historybooks. Seljord folk high school gives you nine months of unique opportunity to live out the dream of this rich culture.

We will meet a local Viking group and of course sail on the Viking ship Aasa. We will also go to Viking sites in Denmark. No Viking made it to Nepal, but you will. Both journeys are included in the school fee.

Where to find us
Seljord folk highschool in Telemark Norway.

Main teacher
Jeppe Nordmann Garly

Contact: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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The Musical Journey

One year filled with music, concerts, and playing together with other young musicians from your class and other cultures. All this in the name of solidarity. Interested? Maybe you should join our journey. 

 Music has been a major part of most cultures through history. It is like a universal language without boundaries. It makes us communicate cross national and cultural borders. 

 We have two main projects: 

The first is about playing with young musicians from Mozambique. With the second we combine music and solidarity towards youth and children in a small valley in Nepal. Through music and practical humanitarian involvement our target is to get a broad view of what culture is all about. This triggers both a musical and a personal development. 

"Tour of Europe"

More info to come

The Dolakha project
Seljord folk high school has been involved in solidarity projects in Nepal in several years. Nepal is a small country between giants like China and India. A major focus has been on children rights in this underdeveloped country. We have great partners and are proud of being able to take our school and our classrooms here. It is a school trip filled with meaning and we experience results from our projects. 

Seljord folk high school, with all the students and employees, has a main project here. We are part of this and have our own, The Dolakha Project. This is our springtime project. We find the region of Dolakha in the eastern part of Nepal. This area offers wild and beautiful nature and warm people. Our partners here, CWIN and Tuki Foundation do an impressive job here to secure children's right to education and the rights of women. 

In six small villages, The Musical Journey runs a unique project for children and youth. This is solidarity in practice. We arrange workshops, prepared in Norway. Everything culminates with a big event. We invite the locals and have a concert with their local music and dancing, musical numbers from The Musical Journey and from the workshops with the children. 

Here we share musical joy. With this we spread hope and knowledge. In Nepal knowledge is often spread through cramming and endless repetition. Our project proves knowledge can be reach through a more practical approach. 

The Dolakha project exemplifies the importance of music and culture, independent of living conditions. As a student joining The Musical Journey you make a difference to other people. This value is beyond measure. 

This is a one week project. We live in tents and get close to the locals, the Nepali life and culture. In cooperation with our partners you will be part of an unforgettable experience. 

Activities in Norway
In Norway we both prepare our projects and experience the exiting folk high school life. There are also some other separate projects: 

We have got our own project studio. You will be trained to use it. Some of the equipment: iMac mini (2015), Logic Pro X, AKG microphones, Saffire preamps, DW drum set, drum pads, Schimmel piano, el-piano and much more. We might record something from our projects, or make a documentary with our own film music? The studio is available for the students most of the day and in the evenings. You are free to make your own recordings. 

«Show - don’’t tell» is a saying. To show and share our work during the year, we plan a tour to other schools. 

There will be many opportunities to play in front of an audience. We arrange internal concerts at school and a major concert for the locals in Seljord. We also do events for local groups and organizations. A highlight is an outdoor concert in Nepal with approximately 5000-6000 people packed in a square. 

This is a class for the student eager to pursue different types of projects for a year. We demand seriousness and an ambition to reach individual and common goals. 

The Dolakha project demands physical strength and the ability to walk in outdoor terrain.  

We have the ambition to create a well-functioning group. This class is not for the beginner. We recommend and advise you to send a demo by mail along your application. A link to Youtube or Soundcloud or something like it works fine. 

Main teacher 
Kjetil Flatland (born 1986). He is a Jazz musician and a saxophone player educated from the Norwegian academy of Music. In 2015 he released his debut album, Ein song til deg (A song for you). He has toured with many artists, and has been the leader of cultural projects in South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Kjetil claims to find inspiration for his music in the nature. He spend a lot of time out in the Norwegian wilderness. 

Contact: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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 Paragliding - Caribbean


Do you like hiking in the mountains and have you ever dreamt of flying down from the top of the mountain? Now you have the opportunity to experience this and much, much more! Welcome to our class called "Paragliding - Caribbean"!

Paragliding is a fun, exciting and relatively easy way to fly. An inflatable wing and harness are used to experience this free form of flying. A key benefit over other forms of flight is the ability of the pilot being able to pack up and carry his glider on foot after his/her flight. This year you will be reached and certified as a paragliding pilot. This worldwide certification ames that you can fly everywhere on the planet!

You will get to learn to fly a paraglider together with other students who share the same passion for outdoor activities. We are flying, not only in beautiful surroundings in Norway, but in Caribbean as well!

On this course there you will get many different challenges. To mention some of our activities:

  • downhillcycling
  • mountainbiking
  • waterskiing/wakeboarding
  • training
  • mountainclimbing
  • kiting
  • skiing in powder snow
  • studytrip to Mexico
  • schooltrip to Nepal
  • ...and much more!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Main teacher: Corné Nieuwenhuize

Contact: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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Music – Live


Does music mean the world to you? The Music Program is the right place for you if you want a varied and versatile music experience. Pop, rock and jazz have been combined with a range of other musical styles, which paves the way for mixing this music with styles such as folk music, ethnic and classical music.

You will get to play together with others who share the same passion for music as you, both in the music room and in concerts. We will arrange both concerts and a tour throughout the year, to give you the opportunity to showcase your talents on stage in front of a live audience.

Do you want to become even better at playing your instrument? Throughout the year you will receive individual guidance from one of our music instructors. We also have our own studio where you will have the chance to play with both audio and midi connected to virtual instruments and synths. Through gaining a working knowledge of studio equipment, you will be able to record and produce your own CDs.

We will also go on a study trip to London.

  • study trip to Berlin
  • individual instrument lessons
  • play in small groups
  • play concerts
  • joint choir and band practice
  • different songs
  • studio work
  • go on tour

Main teacher: Marit Lien

Contact: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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Musical Theatre - Broadway!

Music! Singing! Dance! Theatre! In the Musical Theater Program you will have the chance to experience all of these areas of performance. We work with voice production, choir, vocal rehearsal, dance, choreography, role interpretation and directing. Together we create spectacular shows based on famous and less known Musicals.

Musical Theatre represents a lot of different kinds of music, broadway style, modern, classical, operatic, pop, rock, and even punk. The Musical Theatre class try to reflect a lot of these styles. Shows like Hair, Chicago and Les Miserables are just as relevant as newer shows like Next to normal, Book of Mormon or Rent. 

The program is lot about telling stories. We tell stories through singing, dancing and acting. We need to search for and find the meaning or story behind each song and each scene. This knowledge makes you a better singer, a better performer. 

The Musical Theatre Program also arranges a study trip to Broadway in New York. Here you will see some of the very best stars in the world perform. We promise an inspiring trip with magic experiences that you will remember long after the stage curtains have closed. Participating in the Musical Theatre Program will give you the opportunity to become a part of the magic yourself.

  • study trip to New York
  • musicalshow - known and unknown musicals
  • singing/theatre/dance
  • drama and role interpretation
  • choreography and scenic dance
  • costumes, makeup and props
  • performing in front of an audience

Main teacher is Roar A. Klever Boeye. He is educated in Musical Drama from the University of Norway.  He has 25 years of experience with the subject. He both writes scripts, music and he directs. He plays piano and will be the musical class-director. 

Contact: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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Singer/songwriterDo you love singing and playing an instrument? Have you written your own songs or melodies and have dreams of performing them? Then this is the year where you will get the chance to work on your own material with guidance that will improve and develop both your music and yourself.

There is something special about performing your own songs together with a band, and finally having the chance to make your music come alive. It’s a lot of fun, and an amazing experience to play along with others who also write and perform their own songs. With song writing on the daily curriculum, you will get the chance to work intensively on those songs that you’ve had in the back of your head, and a chance to develop and cultivate new musical ideas. You will also get the chance to record your songs in our very own studio. We work with a variety of sound equipment, such as Cubase, Logic and Garage Band, which will give you almost endless possibilities for mixing and producing CDs. If you are happy with the result, you can utilize the program to get your song out to others via such Internet sites as MySpace, or even publish your own music video on YouTube. The possibilities are endless, and here you have the opportunity to receive the coaching and guidance to turn your dreams into a reality.

Playing in front of an audience is an amazing experience that you will have to opportunity to have as part of this program. You will get the chance to perform in a variety of settings, beginning with the unique atmosphere created at our own private concerts. We will also make a tour to other Folk High Schools as well as arranging a concert in the well-equipped concert hall in Seljord. In addition, you will receive individual guidance on your instrument of choice and singing techniques.

  • study trip to Berlin
  • singing
  • writing songs
  • studio time
  • create your own demo
  • digital studio work
  • arrangement
  • perform in a concert
  • tour

Main teacher: Kjetil Flatland

Contact: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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Expedition - Everest/Kilimanjaro


The Expedition Course is for you who would like to make their dream come true and set foot on Africa’s soil. It is for the 

people who want to experience expedition life on Mount Everest. It also means setting yourself a goal. Preparing yourself physically and mentally, making your dream become a reality, through teamwork and making the biggest effort you possibly can.

You will be part of a fantastic trip to Tanzania, to climb Africa’s tallest mountain Kilimanjaro. It stands at 5895 metres over sea level, where it stands majestically over Africa’s plains. This will be an exciting chance to see the African culture, and a unique hike along the Machame route which will take us to the top of the nation park. You might also see some of Africa’s amazing wildlife.

In March there will be a trip to Nepal and the Himalayas. We will be following parts by the first hikers who climbed the mountain. With experienced Sherpa guides, they will take us through the Rolwaling valley. After being in the Everest region, spending a few days on the glacier, we will go over a high mountain pass. Our goal will be to get to Kala Patthar which stands 5550 metres over sea level, known for its amazing view of Mount Everest. A few days later, we will take a plane to Kathmandu after spending three weeks in some of the worlds beautiful mountains. It will definitely be a memory for life.

On this course there you will get many different challenges. You will get to try climbing, mushing, kayaking and a proper hiking trip. We kayak along the Telemark canal, take trips both walking and skiing, with and without tents to prepare us for the long expeditions ahead. Towards the end of the year, we will cross the Hardanger plateau on skis. And if we are lucky with the weather, it could be you who is being pulled along Kite skiing of the snowy plateau. 

Main teacher: Asbjørn Sekse

Contact: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den. 

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About the School

Seljord Folk High School is situated in magnificent surroundings with a spectacular view of the town and of lake Seljord. The school buildings enclose a cozy courtyard. Your new best friends are only a short walk away. You will have your own room in one of the spacious buildings. Every building has 15 single rooms, a common room, kitchen, shower and toilet. In addition there is plenty of storage room for bikes, skis, suitcases, etc. In all the houses there is a teacher apartment, and the teacher who lives there functions as the “house teacher” and joins the house meetings.


We have common meals where we are all gathered in the big dining hall in the main building. Here you also find the sports hall and a cozy common room with a fireplace. The Workshop is spacious and always full of life. In the lecture building you find an auditorium, the music section, library and TV-room.

You’re welcome to take a nice bath in our outdoor hot tub too!

Read more about the school at www.seljord.fhs.no or read more about the Folk High school in general by clicking here.


For foreign students we offer Norwegian lessons in the beginning of the school year.

In addition to the major subjects all students take part in the morning assembly, a few common lessons, seminars and the school choir. The students choose among a wide variety of electives. The electives encompass studies like music, dancing, musical theatre, sports, outdoor activities, workouts, handicrafts, philosophy food making, solidarity and much more. 

Community projects and events will be attended by everyone, and include singing in the choir, school trips, common classes with focus on the world around us. Occasionally the schedule will differ from "normal weeks". For instance we pursue projects or go on trips. .

Each student will participate in activities for the common good like kitchen and laundry service.


Seljord is situated in the heart of Telemark County, both geographically and culturally. The towns, villages and local communities in Telemark are rich in culture and nature. Telemark stretches from the lowlands of the coast, lakes and rivers, to the mountain peaks and great mountain plateaus.

You will discover both old cultural heritage and contemporary art within Seljord. The town offers art and culture of a great range and variation, with concerts, theater and art exhibitions available to you throughout the year.

If you have a hobby or interest that you wish to keep up with, there are plenty of possibilities within the Seljord community. Seljord has its own sport association, hunter and fisher association. You will find Granvin, a culture house with a cinema, theatre, spinning and sports hall. There is also a swimming hall and bowling alley in the downtown area.

Seljord also offers several music festivals, markets and conferences. “Dyrskuplassen” is the local arena with an annual market that has been a cultural attraction since 1866. For three days in September, more than 70,000 people visit the market, which is among the largest of its kind in Norway.

In the neighboring town Bø, the University College of Telemark and its many students make sure there is always something going on. The local concert arena, “Kroa i Bø”, is well known all over Norway for its great concerts and attracts both Norwegian and international artists.


  • Seljord is 30 km from Bø, and a train ride away from Oslo and Kristiansand / Stavanger.
  • From Seljord there is a bus several times daily to Oslo and Bergen / Haugesund. The journey to Oslo is approximately 3 hours.
  • The highest mountain point in Seljord is 1,541 meters above sea level.
  • Seljord is located on lake Seljord and has considerable tourist traffic in the summer, particularly because of the lake monster that hides in the depths of the lake.
  • County: Telemark
  • Area: 711 kv.km
  • Population: 2,930
  • Read more about Seljord on:
  • www.seljord.kommune.no
  • www.seljordportalen.no

Trip to Nepal

Solidarity Project with children in Nepal

A year at Seljord Folk High School will bring you closer to the cultural country Nepal, perhaps best known for the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest. Nepal, with its 29 million inhabitants, is one of the world's poorest countries and is one of Norway's main partners for development assistance. The country has a rich culture, and Hinduism is the country's main religion. After a 10-year civil war and a recently discontinued monarchy, there is now peace in the country and faith in their future. 41% of the population is under 16 years of age, and the average age is 20 years old. Over half the population is illiterate and only 28% of women have reading and writing skills.

Seljord Folk High School has chosen Nepal as its solidarity project, and will have a special focus on children's rights, child labor, street children, the prostitution of young girls and Nepal’s generally low status in society. There are 2.6 million child workers in Nepal and 12,000 girls sold to prostitution and sex shops in India each year.

The school will work with the renowned children rights organization, CWIN, Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Center - www.cwin.org.np

The school will arrange a study trip to Nepal where the purpose will be to learn more about the country and the situation of the children. We plan to increase our awareness of the country's nature and culture and look into the CWIN's many projects and political work to promote children's rights. During the school year we will work with Nepal within our courses of study and conduct various solidarity actions in support of the children in Nepal.

Facts about Nepal: 

  • Nepal is located at the foot of the Himalayas, between India and China.
  • Nepal is a small country, which would cover about a third of Norway's surface.
  • Along the border in the north are ten of the world's 16 highest mountains. Mount Everest, locally named Sagarmatha, is the highest of the mountains.
  • The climate alternates between the Arctic mountains and desert to the rainforest in the western Himalayas and the tropical jungle in the lowlands of Tara.
  • Capital: Katmandu
  • Official language: Nepali
  • Government: Republic
  • Population: 30 millions +/-
  • Area: 147,181 km
  • Currency: Nepali rupee
  • National Day: July 7th

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Kom i kontakt med oss

Vi er glade og sosiale mennesker, ta gjerne kontakt. Følg oss i ulike kanaler, og få oppdateringer på siste nytt fra skolen. 


Seljord Folkehøgskule
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